al imponerse/impuesto/imponido

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    Ésta, al imponerse sobre las hablas aborígenes, sufrió notables cambios .

    the translation : this ,to impose/imposing on the aboriginal,undergo great change.

    so why not use imponido ?to impose(al imponderse) a little strange in english....

    muchas gracias
  2. Outsider Senior Member

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    "As this overtook the aboriginal languages, it went through significant changes."

    I beg your pardon? :confused:
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    "Imponido" is not a spanish word.
  4. Diddy

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    Maybe you are referring to the past tense of the verb "imponerse". The correct way is impuesto, never use "imponido" as it is not a correct way of saying that word at all. In addition, in this special context the past tense of impose/imposing does not match.
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    It may be useful to mention that:
    "al" + infinitivo = "when" + {verb+"ing"}

    Mastica bien al comer. = Chew well when eating.
    Al despertar, ya no estabas. = When waking up, you were already gone.
    Gritabas al caer. = You were screaming when falling. imponerse sobre las hablas aborígenes... = ...when prevailing over the native languages...

    I hope it helps.
  6. flyingcat2008 Senior Member


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