al margen de ella


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Hi - just need clarification of this phrase in context below:

se desarrolla en el marco de una competición o al margen de ella

Is it: developed within the framework of a competition or alongside it / developed within the framework of a competition or outside of it

Can't help feeling that "alongside it" is the correct meaning here - full context: Art. 2(3) - definition of event - here

Many thanks,
  • Cenzontle

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    I think it depends on whether "o"—in the context—implies "or, almost equivalent,..." vs. "or, by contrast,..."


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    Doesn't scope fit better than "framework" here?
    And here "o" means "or", so "outside it" could be the answer.


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    There are at least two kinds of "or": the "or" of contrast and the "or" of apposition.
    The "or" of contrast is a "disjunctive conjunction" (yes, it sounds contradictory, but it joins the items syntactically while separating them semantically):
    "You have to decide whether you want a gasoline or (an) electric motor."
    In contrast, the "or" of apposition introduces an alternative name for virtually the same thing:
    "This car comes only with a gasoline or, [synonymously] internal combustion, engine."
    So, for your purposes, Matron, is it important to contrast between inside and outside the competition, or is nearby almost as good as inside?
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