Al margen de eso creo que ....

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    Quiero decir esto.
    "No fuimos nosotros los que causamos ruidos molestos en la casa. Al margen de eso, creo que es de muy mal gusto que uno de nosotros nos buchonee (buchonear = blow the whistle on, snitch on, at least in Argentina) y se lo vaya a contar a la landlady como un nene que buchonea a su hermanito menor por hacer algo mal."
    My duda es "Al margen de eso"

    My attemtp
    It wasn t us who caused a noise nuisance in the house. Aside from that, I think it s in very bad taste from a flatmate to snitch on us by telling the landlady like a little kid blowing the whiste on his young brother for wrongdoing"

    Aside from that ??
    All else aside???

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    Apart from that....
    What's more.....
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    I think your attempt sounds quite natural to my American ears (of course, we would say "roommate" and not "flatmate"). A few minor corrections:

    And to me I think using the phrasal verb "tell on" instead of "blow the whistle" would be preferable because it fits the juvenile tone better. "Blow the whistle" inevitably conjures images of corruption and illegal schemes (for me, at least).

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