al margen de - outside?


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Hi, I would like to be sure I understand the meaning of "al margen de" in the following sentence:

Se entiende por uso compasivo de medicamentos la utilización en pacientes aislados y al margen de un ensayo clínico de medicamentos en investigación.

The compassionate use of medicinal products refers to the use of experimental medicinal products in patients isolated and outside the scope of clinical trials.

  • valerdi22

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    Hi everyone,
    "Al margen de" means outside, for example "al margen de la ley".
    It can also mean not taking what something (an organisation for example) says or forbids into consideration , eg: "La secta actúa al margen de la Iglesia"
    In your example it means patients who haven't taken part in the scope of clinical trials.
    I hope it helps
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