al margen de su matriz


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I am translating a legal document and this appears in the notary's statement " dejando nota de su expedicion al margen de su matriz.. I have translated as "leaving a note of its issuance in the margin of its XXXXXXXX - not sure how to translate matriz.

Thank you in advance for your help
  • Wandering JJ

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    Could it be referring to something like a cheque (check) stub, where you note the amount for which the cheque was made out, for your own records?

    Wandering JJ

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    According to the DRAE, one of the meanings of matriz is: Parte del libro talonario que queda encuadernada al cortar o separar los talones, cheques, títulos, etc., que lo forman.

    So, it could be referring to the margin of a title deed (título), if not a cheque. Only you know from a fuller context!
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