al restaurante (pronunciation - Trilled "r" before consonants)

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I have no problem with rolling my Rs when it comes to a single roll, because my native language has it or doing the "RR" sound between vowels. The only problem I have is when the "RR" is right after a consonant.

If I were to pronounce "al" and "restaurante" separately, I wouldn't have any problem, but when I try to say "Vamos al restaurante", then it seems to be physically impossible to pronounce both the "L" and the "RR" sound without making a break. How do you pronounce the "al restaurante" part in normal pace without making a break?

Thx! :)
  • samuelito.mcf

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    I had this same problem! I always had to pause briefy to "reset" my mouth to be able to do it haha. Until I discovered that if you move the position of where youre rolling your tongue to the front of the mouth it is possibe. Like in the same place that it is placed to pronounce the consonant. Then instead of just rolling think of yourself as exhaling and force it out. I hope I explained that well...


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    And in "al restaurante" at least you have two words, so making a brief separation is not so terrible.
    Try words like "enredo", "alrededor", "Israel".


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    after l/s/n, all 'r' are trilled. What you actually change is that preceding consonant.
    'alrededor' - the [l] is really a dark l
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