ala moderata

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    Maybe it's a gang the only shoot to the feet eheh. I really don't know, but it exists, in the Cosa Nostra context.

    It goes like this:

    Pentito storico della mafia palermitana: raccontò Cosa nostra al giudice Falcone e le sue dichiarazioni diedero vita al primo maxiprocesso. Nemico di Riina e rappresentante della cosiddetta “ala moderata” della mafia. È morto di malattia a Miami.


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    actually ala moderata means moderate wing/part that means a part of a party, club, mafia or wathever, which has a more moderate point of view being more comprensive and open to the dialogue.
    in this context Riina is known to be a very cruel mafioso, not open to dialogue to other clans or even to the italian government. Riina would prefer to kill and massacre people in a huge act of violence, assassination attempt and bombing!!!!! instead Buscetta would be more open to collaborate and would prefer to persuade people, politicians with a different softer way.
    Well, for my point of view they are both mafiosi, murders and delinquents.
    If you see the journalist as well says the "cosidetta ala moderata"..."so-called moderate wing".
    Hope this helps.
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