Alado de perfiles / 3 alados diferentes (metal extrusion)


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After a couple days of futile research, I'm really stumped here, so I thank you in advance for your help...What does "alado" mean when it is a noun (not an adjective meaning "winged) in the context of metal extrusion?

In my translation project, "alado" appears twice inside a quality-control table. The first time, it's in the phrase "Alado de perfiles", which is the final (8th) entry in the column labeled PROCESO (see below):
1. Recepción de materia prima;
2. Recepción de dados;
3. Corte de lingote;
4. Prensa;
5. Mesa de materiales;
6. Corte de perfil;
7. Inspección a la salida de temple;
8. Alado de perfiles.

The second time, "alado" appears in the phrase "1 Lingote de 3 alados diferentes", as the 2nd item in the column labeled "TAMAÑO DE MUESTRA" (sample size), see below:
1. 10 Lingotes / diámetro;
2. 1 Lingote de 3 alados diferentes;
3. 1 muestra por cada vaciada;

It seems to be the name of a process in the handling of metal ingots.

Thanks in advance for your help.
- Narof
  • Jmbiker

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    Hi, Narof
    The process seems to be puzzling, also for me.
    In spanish, "perfil alado - IPN" could mean " a profile with wings" , that is, a beam with a cross section seeming an "H" , with the wings manufactured in several sizes, depending the standard required.
    "Vaciada" is not very usual in an extrusion context, the term in Spain is "Colada" (Heat)
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