Albanian: adjectival agreement for masculine plurals


American English
So I was reading something or other on the Albanian wikipedia and noticed that the Albanian name of the USA is "Shtetet e Bashkuara të Amerikës" - which struck me as odd, because "shtet" is a masculine noun and "bashkuara" is the feminine plural of bashkuar. Arabic (which I know is an unrelated language, but hear me out) uses feminine singular adjectives for many masculine plural nouns, is there a similar set of rules in Albanian for this?

It's a bit embarrassing that I've never noticed this before, since I first started learning bits of Albanian more than a year or two ago :D I learned a while back that the plurals of gerunds (like bashkëveprim and keqkuptim) are treated as feminine plural, but apparently whatever I was reading left something out...
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