Albanian: flas (conjugation)


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Hi, this is the first time I'm using this forum, so, forgive my mistake, if I'm using the wrong area.
I'm studying Albanian, through Colloquial Albanian- Routledge (unë flas, ti flet). I met the verb FLAS (to speak) the book doesn't give the conjugation of this verb totally and in the site it is shown a different way to first and second person of singular (unë flas ti flas ai flas ne flasim ju flasni ata flasin). Could someone who knows the language tell me? thanks.
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    Hi rebrafi,

    the conjugation for the verb "flas" (note that in standard albanian the first person singular conjugation is used as the infinitive in dictionaries) in the present tense is as follows:

    Unë flas
    Ti flet
    Ai flet
    Ne flasim
    Ju flisni
    Ata flasin