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On my albanian lesson, there is the word "i biri" and "djali" for "the son". I undestand that "bir " means "son" and the "i" of "biri" us an article. But what is the first "i "for ? And by the way, does "djali" have the same signification ?
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    - "bir" means "son" and "djal" is a more general term which can also mean "boy" or "guy".

    - the "i" isn't an article, but a particle albanian uses to indicate adjectives (among other functions), ex. "i mirë" (masc. "good") / "e mi" (fem. "good") or "i sigurt"/"e sigurt" ("sure").

    - When it comes to nouns pertaining to certain family members (such as "son", "father", "mother", "daughter"), the particles are used --> examples with masculine nouns: "I biri i Ademit" ("Adem's son") and "I ati i Perparimit" (Perparim's father)
    --> examples with feminine nouns: "E ëma e Ademit" (Adem's mother) and "E bija e Elenës" (Elena's daughter)

    - Note that in every of the above examples the second particle, written in italics, is used for making the genitive.

    - Also note that for the other nouns pertaining to the family, such as "Baba" ("father"), "Nëna" ("mother"), "Daja" ("uncle") etc. the particular construnction mentioned above doesn't apply.

    Hope it helps.