Albanian: Kapaki pa kupë, kupa pa kapak!


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I am currently working on a project that aims at making languages more accessible to young children and thus, promoting plurilinguism. I chose Albanian as a language of interest and I have to include a tongue twister in Albanian. As this project is amied at very young children (ages 3-5), the tongue twister has to be small but still longue enough to practice a particular sound ( [p] or [k] for example).
For Albanian, I had thought of using this tongue twister: Kapaki pa kupë, kupa pa kapak! It apparently means "One pot with a lid, one pot without lid". Is this correct?

Thank you for your help.

  • Christo Tamarin

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    Kapaki pa kupë, kupa pa kapak!

    Google Translate service seems to be good for Albanian.

    No cup for the cap and no cap for the cup.

    No pot for the lid and no lid for the pot.

    This lid has no pot for it, that pot has no lid for it.