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I have read Ferenc Nopcsa's biography read. He was a count, a paleontologist, a geologist and a spy and a political adventurer who was spending the years 1910-12 in Albania. I has fallen in a discussion in another computer forum dealing with books. Somebody stated that the transcription of Albanian village names were awful in the book. I answered him that that is negligible error and I did not know when the Albanian had started to write with Roman letters.

When was Roman alphabet for the Albanian language standardized and since when is it been used?
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    According to the information I found here, the current spelling system seems to be based on an orthography standardized in 1908 but I think there have been several alternations since then >>. Somebody else might know more.
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    Holger2014 is right.
    The current albanian alphabet was standardized during multiple meetings held by albanian intellectuals in November 1908.
    Prior to the standardization there were several alphabets in use: in the southern regions people used the greek alphabet (under the influence of the Greek Orthodox Church) whereas in the northern regions the latin alphabet was in use (due to the influence of the Catholic Church). In some cities they also used to write in the arabic alphabet (influence from the Ottoman Empire). However, in 1908 it was decided that the latin alphabet was the best option and for this reason it prevailed.