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I am a beginner learner of albanian language and get stuck many, many times. So your help will be much appreciated.

Let us say you meet with a friend. He asks you:"How are you doing?", you reply:"I'm doing fine. Thank you for asking."

How do you say "Thank you for asking." correctly?

I found two sentences from different sources and have no idea if any of them are correct.
~ Ti falënderoj për të kërkuar.
~ Faleminderit për të kërkuar.
Then I found that "to ask" is also "pyes".

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance...x
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    Hi Kailee,

    "Thank you for asking" can be translated in the following way:

    "Të falenderoj/Faleminderit qe më pyete" --> literally "Thank you/Thanks that you asked me"

    However, it is very rare for albanians to say this, since good manners (which include asking if someone or his family is doing fine) are very important in the albanian culture, i.e. it is implied that everyone you meet asks if you're doing fine. The most used expression is "(Jam) mirë, faleminderit". There also are other common ways like "Mirë ka dasht/dhan Zoti" / "Mirë, shyqyr prej Zotit" / "Mirë, elham prej Zotit" (the last two are more common in Kosovo), which could be translated into something like "Good, so God wanted".

    Hope it is helpful.


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    I regret to inform you that both your sentences are wrong,
    I would keep it simple, often the simplest way is best and most efficient.
    Question: "How are you doing?" - "Si je/jeni?" (in Kosovo would be Qysh je/jeni?)
    Answer: "I'm doing fine. Thank you for asking." - "Mirë faleminderit." it's good to add: How are you? - "Po ti/ju si je/jeni?"