Albanian: Umlaut / Diaeresis [Ëë]


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:) Tungjatjeta, everyone!

I do know that Ëë is a separate letter in the albanian alphabet; not like in French, where it's a variant of Ee and it is called e trema.

But my question is: How exactly are the two dots called in albanian, besides pikë
? That is, how would the umlaut / diaeresis diacritics [ ¨ ] be called in albanian, where they to stand alone?

Thank you all in advance!
:D Falemenderit shumë!
  • opjeshke

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    The Ë/ë in Albanian does not work like in the French language, it's a separate letter. The two dots are just called pikë/pika and they are not used alone, cause they are not a diaeresis diacritics. I mean it is not an e with the diaeresis diacritics, but it is just a letter representing the sound that you find in the English language as "əː"