Albanian: what? what have you said?


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Dear All,
I'm from Italy (Florence) and one of my hobbies is writing scripts for shortmovies and theater performances.
I am working on a theater performace in which audience and actors interact.
Audience is Italian speaking, while the actors play the role of Albanian people.
The show is very short (few minutes) and for very small audience (1 to 4 persons at a time), so I have thought I could mix up languages, even the ones I cannot speak.
And here is where I need your help: sentences in Albanian language.
I have total 5 sentences, I will post one by one in separate threads.
I would like to start with the following:
what? what have you said?

The context:
A manager (gender not relevant) wants an employee to wear kind of clothes which offend employee's sensibility.
So the employee answers with the question: "what? what have you said?"
The employee has properly understood what he/she is asked to do, so he/she is not asking the manager to repeat manager's request, but the employee is crying an exclamation with angry mood.

My attempt:
çfarë? çfarë ke thënë?

Your opinion?

Thanks a lot for reading.
And thanks even more for helping.
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    Ciao Streghilla

    That is not wrong . However for this situation it would be better to use: çfarë? çfarë the?
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