Alcohol slang: Let's get fucked up / lets go take a shot

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how would you say "Let's get fucked up!" like where at a party
"lets go take a shot"

vielen dank ;]

i know how to say the second one kinda... i believe it goes... laesst sich ein Quasch? right?
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  • Kurtchen

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    German - Norddeutschland
    Let's get fucked up -> Komm, wir knallen uns die Birne zu. / Komm, wir dröhnen uns zu.
    Depends on the choice of your poison.

    Let's go take a shot. -> Komm, wir trinken noch einen [insert type of liquor] There are all kinds of slang expressions for 'shot' in German, also taking shots as opposed to just sipping on drinks may be translated as (auf) ex trinken, wegkippen, etc.

    I do not at all condone the above... unless performed for scientific purposes


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    I'd suggest:
    "let's ge fucked up"-"Los, schießen wir uns ab"
    "let's got take a shot"-"Los, lasst noch einen Kurzen trinken/kippen"
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