Algerian carrier bag build-quality

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Quotes are from "Top Gear" published by BBC.

Is 'Algerian carrier bag' something related to car?
This is column about car and the writer poped up this carrier thing.
It seems that he's saying 'despite the fact that the carrier back built is not in good quality', but why is he saying about the carrier when he's saying the looks of cars?

And it’s exactly the same story with that all-in-one crumple zone known as the Citroen AX. It won the hearts of every lout and yobbo in the country because, despite the Algerian carrier bag build-quality, it looked great.
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    He's using "Algerian carrier bag" as a humorous example of something with poor build quality; that is, something built poorly from cheap materials. I suspect it's just a random example; perhaps Algeria is famous in England for making bad carrier bags, but I doubt it.


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    He is saying that the Citroen AX is as well-built as an Algerian carrier bag (ie, badly-built). Presumably he believes that Algerian carrier bags are poorly made.
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