Algo no me da más que disgustos


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Hi eveyone! I am writing a piece of writing and I do not know how to translate: "(Algo) no me da más que disgustos". I have wrote "It only gives me feel sad", but it does not mean what I want...

The parragraph is the following:

"Ok. I am ready! Keys, money and phone... But where is my phone?! Shit! I am going to lose my head one day. I know. Ok. Think. The last time you use your phone was yesterday. Ok, yesterday. And you were talking with... Yes, you were talking with him so... I remember now! It is in the toilet! Oooh, shit! I threw it into the toilet... Ok, I do not need it anymore. It only gives me feel sad... Five minutes!!

Can anybody help me?

  • mattewis

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    Afrikaans, South Africa
    It only leaves me feeling sad.
    It only leaves me with sadness.
    It only brings me sadness.
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