alguien en estado de acogida

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Could somebody help me with this term: "Nino en acogida" o "acogido por la comunidad de madrid", "en estado de acogida" (porque sus padres no tienen la custodia).

I tried this:

....15 children, included two handicapped children and another child whose tutelage was provided by the community of Madrid.

...15 children, included two handicapped children and another child taking in by the community of Madrid.

Thank you.
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    Hi maclaurita!

    My suggestion is as follows:

    "acogida" = "fostering"

    "familia/hogar de acogida" = "foster parents/home".




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    It depends a lot on exactly what has taken place.

    If the children have been given temporary hospitality, taken in is is correct.

    If a legally recognised bond of relationship has been created then you could have either:

    Guardianship, which can be exercised either by the Court or by a Court appointed figure. Here you would have a Ward of Court or Ward of Someone the Guardian). Here acogido would be placed under the guardianship of... or made wards of... This usually happens to orphans of both parents

    Fostering, if the children are given alternate parenting for a period in a homelike situation by adults acting in this way, but again there is a legally declared basis for taking the children from their real parents (who may still be alive).

    Naturally there is also adoption, where a child receives the legal status of offspring form the new parent(s)
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