alguien tiene (ella) un amigo nuevo!

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  1. purgolders_90 Senior Member

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    I want to be able to communicate that a female friend can't talk on the phone like she use to with out saying it is because of a guy.

    But that is what I want to suggest. Do I have to type exactly what I mean to be understood?

    For example: If I say in english, "You can't talk to me like you USE TO!"
    By bold typing "USE TO" I am suggesting that it is a problem that she caused because her time is occupied with someone else.

    Do I type it the same way in spanish? or is there another way of suggesting, "You have some one" without typing that exactly. Is there a special way of saying this?

    No me hablas como ANTES.

    Or does the following statement work.

    Algien tiene(ella) un amigo NUEVO!
  2. Ven_In_Oz Senior Member

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    There is a saying that says:

    Cuando hay santos nuevos, los viejos ya no hacen milagros.

    This could suit in your situation =D
  3. uxari Senior Member

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    "No me hablas como ANTES" está bien, yo usaría esa opción. Si usas la otra, es "alguien".

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