alienated clarity

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I'm reading Slash's (guitar player of a rock band GNR) autobiography: SLASH, Slash with Anthony Bozza. And don't understand some phrase in the book. Below is the passage, please help.
The jolt quickly became a dull ache that felt good...The machine in my heart had reminded me just how precious this life is... I got it a few times that night and I got it a few more times on stage after that. I didn't know when it was coming and as arresting as they were, I don't regret those moments of alienated clarity.

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what does "alienated clarity" mean?
Someone please help me understand the meaning of this little paragraph.

Thank you very much!
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    I think it means that he felt as though he saw things more clearly because he was alienated/isolated - that the isolation gave him a perspective that he didn't have ordinarily. I don't know what he felt he was getting a clearer perspective on - this particular paragraph doesn't say.
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