alienating <grimace> of tear gas


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Venezuela español
In the face of the high profile of people prepared to show that they are made up of rocky democratic formation, the alienating grimace of tear gas emerges.

I do not really understand the meaning rendered in this context, does it really make sense to you?
  • charisma_classic

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    No. I think the author is trying to be overly dramatic and in doing so has actually written a sentence that sounds gripping and powerful, but is devoid of meaning.


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    I'm somewhat confused by the first part; "In the face of the high profile of people".
    The sentence is a little difficult to understand and I suspect that it has been imperfectly translated from another language. However, it seems to suggest literally that some democratic protestors have been tear-gassed, causing them to grimace: The grimace of tear gas emerges on the face of the people. On the other hand it could be figurative. What's the context?
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