alimentation de l’accessoire pied de grue


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Alimentation de l’accessoire pied de grue

I guess AliMeNtAtIoN isn't FOOD here, it should probably be supply or something like that, but if pied de grue means standing, waiting or doing something for a longer period, then what is accesoire?
By the way, the context is enumeration of things that should be present on a construction site (chantier)

Thanx for your patience with my :confused: thoughts
  • geve

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    Alimentation can indeed mean "(power) supply". It's still food, only machines eat something different than beans or chocolate :p

    It seems to me that "pied de grue" is a description of the "accessoire" (it's an apposition). Like we could say Prise en compte du facteur temps: "temps" is one of the "facteurs", "pied de grue" is one of the "accessoires".
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