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Canadian French
Good people,

I would like to know what you think of my sentence. The meaning I am trying to convey is something similar to "les préfaces de Bernard Shaw alimentent la discussion/le débat provoqué par ses pièces de théâtre."

Here's my sentence:

"On The Rocks is perhaps more disturbing for its preface than for the play itself. Shaw’s plays were aimed at provoking discussion, often leaving the audience with open-ended questions. It is important to take into consideration the preface because it fuels the discussion by commenting on the issues raised in the play."
  • lephenix

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    American English
    Sounds perfect to me. "Fuel" does have a slightly more edgy/controversial nuance to it than simply "alimenter," but that seems to fit the context nicely.

    Kelly B

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    USA English
    If you want a more neutral word I'd suggest to enrich, but I agree with lephenix.
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