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    I would like to know the (British) English collocation that means a football team has mathematically won a championship before the last match.

    In European Spanish we say "conseguir el alirón". "Alirón" is the chant sung by the supporters when their team wins a cup or champioship. So, "cantar el alirón" means "to win a championship or a cup". However, it is used whenever the team wins the championship.

    In short, how is it said in English a championship victory before the end?

    Thank you in advance!

    PS: My question is not about the chant, but the English collocation! ;)

  2. NealMc Senior Member


    Common phrase is "xxx have it all wrapped up" when the league is highly likely to be won ahead of the final game(s).

    When the league is won, the winners are called "the champions" whether it's ahead of schedule or at the final whistle of the last match.

    Manchester United and Chelsea this season is considered "a two horse race" - I can't think of an equivalent of "Alirón" unfortunately.

    Neal Mc
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    EU Spanish/Catalan
    Thank you very much!
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    In America we would say "clinch" the title. Like With two games left to play Barçelona has already clinched the title.

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