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There is a poem (1900 or so...I think)

It starts...
En Arles,
Ou sont les Aliscans...
Quand l'ombare est rouge sous les roses

Can someone give me the meaning of 'Aliscans'?

This is a poem from my mother childhood in Paris.

I've tried several dictionarys but can't to find it. My mother seems to think it has something to do with the Moors (she is in her '70's, but can't give meaning for this word...she has always wondered what it is.)

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    France, french.
    By the way, it is today written "Alyscamps" in Arles, but as your poem was starting by "En Arles" I thought it was the right transaltion.


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    Thank you so much! My mother has reached the age where whe treads in 2 worlds...her past (in France) and her present (in the US).

    This will set her mind at ease...
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