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    I've seen the word alkuunsa used in contexts like tappaa into alkuunsa. The overall meaning of the sentence seems to be, "to kill off enthusiasm (for something)", but I'm not sure what meaning is contributed by alkuunsa.

    My dictionary also has the example tukahduttaa alkuunsa, which it translates as "to nip (something) in the bud".

    If you were to translate the word "alkuunsa" separately in these phases, what would your translation be?

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  2. Grumpy Old Man Senior Member

    In the bud translates the meaning very well. Of course it may not always be natural English as languages have various idioms and phrases for various contexts. It's a fallacy that there is a verbatim translation for everything.
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    alku = beginning, -nsa = posessive suffix (its). There are two Us because it's in the illative ("into")

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