allá arriba, ni que fuera médico

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    What does this phrase mean?
    " que se tardara tanto, allá arriba, ni que fuera médico".

    There's an old man who got a heart attack but he hasn't been taken to the hospital. His sons went up to his room to help him while there are guests in the house. One of the guests got tired of waiting.
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  2. Poncho-Wordsmith Banned

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    I'm not going up there, I'm not a doctor, than why should I?
  3. Mimae Senior Member

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    This is a bit late :) but ...

    If I'm reading this correctly, it should be "de qué se tardará tanto allá arriba, ni que fuera médico," which would mean: "What could be taking so long up there. It's not like he's a doctor."
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    Sounds good, or maybe "... he's not even a doctor".

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