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Bonjour,I have just started a job in Information Technology and I would like to get hold of a dictionary for French-English computer terms, relating to networks etc. Do you know which are the best resources for me to use or if this is actually a dictionary that I can buy?Thanks for your time,Kristy Burridge.
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    Bonjour Kristy et bienvenue au forum
    J'avais posé une question pareil il y a quelque temps, tu pourras profiter des réponses que j'ai reçues ici, en attendant d'autres peut-être.
    And good luck with your new job :)


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    I looked at a number of the sites in these two threads and they are pretty good. Some of them are a bit bizzare to me. I work for a French software company in Paris and my guess is that it really depends on the organization. All the French speaking power geeks know the technical terms in English and this company, which has been around for a while uses many English terms.

    This site should not be used:

    ... well, unless you are going for laughs.

    If you look up ADSL and it gives you something else in French you shouldn't use it. There are more ADSL ads in Paris, than there are Parisiens even though it's "wrong".

    Good luck!


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    the only thing you have to know is:
    a computer = un ordinateur
    For all other words, we use a lot of english words, even if we have the word in french
    a PC = un PC
    a network = un réseau
    a firewall = un firewall (un pare-feu)
    a TCP/IP stack = une stack TCP/IP (une pile TCP/IP)
    a browser = un browser (un navigateur)
    a compiler = un compilateur
    a debugger = un debugger
    a bridge = un bridge (un pont)
    a gateway = une gateway, ou une passerelle


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    but wait there's more! :)

    a screen/monitor = un écran
    a mouse = une souris
    a keyboard = un clavier
    a hard disc/drive = une disque dur
    a byte = un octet
    KB / GB = Mo / Go
    a user interface (UI) = une interface humain machine (IHM)
    a printer = une imprimante
    a cd/dvd reader = un lecteur CD/DVD
    high speed ADSL = ADSL haut débit
    a patch = un patch (correction)
    a bug = un bug
    an inbox = une boîte de reception
    a website (a site) = un site internet (un site)

    wireless = sans fil
    a laptop = un portable

    to download = télécharger
    to send = envoyer
    to send an email = envoyer un mail
    to connect (physically connect a computer) = brancher
    to restart = démarrer
    to start/launch (a program) = lancer (une programe ? ou un progiciel ?)
    to shutdown = arrêter (ou s'arrêter ?)
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