All dialects: جادل - قاتل - خانق - شارع - خاصم - شاجر


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Hi all--I've encountered the terms in the title of this thread in one context or another and have heard that they all mean 'to argue' in some way.

Which dialects use (جادل), (قاتل), (خانق), (شارع), (خاصم), and/or (شاجر)?

How exactly do they differ in meaning and connotation?

Thanks in advance.
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    In Morocco to my knowledge قاتل and خاصم are used but more frequently you will hear تقاتل and تخاصم and تخاصموا means "they clashed" and تقاتلوا means "they fought" in a much more serious and severe way. Other verbs used are تعارك and تدابس (which is pronounced تدابز).


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    Those share the same abstract meaning but differ in the level of the strength of the meaning.
    جادل: means that discuss something under tensio, sometimes it means just a discussion.

    قاتل و شاجر و خانق: both are the same and near to each other in the level of the meaning, but it means discussion or talking badly and being angry with the other. and it assumes that it may be extended to discuss by hand :)

    خاصم: this describes when someone has a problem with other has a relationship with. like, brother or friend.

    شارع: this happens when someone stands up in front of a judge and tries to discuss or negotiate