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  1. Tyson786 Member

    English - uk
    Hi everyone

    I wanted to ask you all something about this word - siha (health)

    I heard in the following YouTube link this example that siha is said to someone that coughs etc and there are many more examples of how you can use this word,

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    I wanted to know how popular this is in your dialect especially in Sudanese/Egyptian/Saudi/Yemeni dialects?

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  2. sun_shine 331995

    sun_shine 331995 Senior Member

    Arabic (mostly Egyptian)
    صحة = health.
    صحة is said to people before eating = bon appétit.
    I heard some people say صحة to other after coughing.
  3. apricots

    apricots Senior Member

    English - US
    si77a is used in Palestinian for a sneeze or cough.
  4. momai

    momai Senior Member

    Arabic - Syria
    For this one we would use Sa77a in Syria. Si77a is health.
  5. tounsi51 Senior Member

    French, Tunisian Arabic
    Uses of sa7a in Tunisia

    1. after someone's shower
    2. after someone's haircut
    3. to congratulate someone (sa7a sa7a)
  6. elroy

    elroy Sharp-heeled Mod

    Chicago, IL
    US English/Palestinian Arabic bilingual
    Same in Palestinian. Also, in my experience صَحة is commonly used for coughs; I’m not sure I’ve ever heard it in response to a sneeze.
  7. djara

    djara Senior Member

    Sousse, Tunisia
    Tunisia Arabic
    To these, I'll add two additional idiomatic meanings in TA:
    فلان بالصحة / بصحتو so and so is corpulent/plump (when you wish to avoid fat/obese)
    صحة ليه/ليك said about someone who outsmarted you (the exact contrary of congratulation)
  8. Tyson786 Member

    English - uk
    Thank you everyone for your input and thanks again

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