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Tunisia Arabic
In this old thread about bonfire, I gave the Tunisian word كُبّارة , a word "used in the old days when 3ashura was still celebrated, to designate a fire you light and on which boys jump to show how brave they are. This is probably a pagan rite which survived for some time under the guise of Islam."
I also surmised that it could come from Berber or Hebrew, but @origumi argued that it couldn't be Hebrew.

I recently discovered that the same (or similar) word was used in Palestine for a lime kiln. This site provides a picture and explains how the كباره (no idea about the pronunciation) was fed with wood to keep the fire alive.
" كانو ينامون ويستيقضون لمدة يومين او ثلاثة لابقاء النار مشتعله وهم يجلبون الحطب في الكباره لاستخراج الشيد"

Is this word used in other dialects with a similar meaning related to fire? And what about its origin?
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