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  1. Ghabi

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    Hello everyone! In this piece of news you can read the expression "以「菱角」敲打他的頭", an expression I often heard when I was a kid (except that we use the verb hang1 or kok1, not haau1 敲 in speech), but I haven't heard of it for many years. What nostalgia!

    I think the Northern equivalent is 敲爆栗 (interestingly enough, it seems to be 栗暴 in 《水滸》). The closest thing I can think of in English is "noogie" in American English, although 敲爆栗 is a single strike, and doesn't involve the action of rubbing. Now I wonder what do you say in your dialect for this action? Any other fruits besides chestnut and water caltrop?
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    Never heard of this expression
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    Is "打栗暴" a kind of light punishment handed out to kids (or among kids)? I've seen it done in other countries around China also, so I suppose most Chinese dialects should have some colourful words for it.
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  6. kareno999 Senior Member

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    I see. Then we say 弹bengr or 弹脑瓜bengr.
  7. Youngfun

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    In my dialect, 浙江青田话,that action is called 盖*头教、打头教。
    Or at least we pronounce that way, I'm not sure if 头教 is the right way to write it.
    And the action of receiving hits is figuratively called 吃,e.g. 吃“头教”、吃拳、吃巴掌。

    *actually pronounced /dʒʊə/, it's very unlikely that it's written 盖,but it has the same meaning as 盖, as in 盖章。

    In Italy, in the Rome dialect, we have two actions that are called with a food name:
    1) a very strong punch in the face is called pigna=pine cone(松果)
    2) a slap in the face is called pizza

    My uncle used to own a pizza restaurant in Rome. When I go there to eat a pizza, he would joke with me asking 要吃pizza吗? Then I say yes and he slaps me...
  8. Ghabi

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    A belated thanks for all the replies!
    I may be mistaken, but does 敲脑门/弹脑瓜崩 mean to flick one's index finger against someone? The action I want to ask about is one done by one's knuckle, not finger.

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