All dialects: A lightbulb went off (in my head)

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English (Canada)
Hi all--in colloquial English, one can use the idiom 'a lightbulb went off (in my head)'* to mean

1) 'I finally came to realize something important that I had missed for a long time' (e.g., a researcher figuring out the connection between a health problem and its cause)


2) 'I finally came to understand something that had perplexed me for a long time' (e.g., a language student having trouble with phrasal verbs in English or numbers in MSA).

How might this expression be renderd in the various dialects?

Thanks in advance.

*The more correct version is apparently 'a lightbulb went on (in my head)', but Google search results show that it is used much less often.
  • ayed

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    لمعت فكرة في ذهني
    لمع حل في ذهني
    خطرت في بالي فكرة
    اهتديت إلى حل
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