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If يرتّب means to put something in order, what's its opposite?

For example, how do you say, "The papers are already in alphabetical order. Please don't disorganize/ undo them" in Arabic?

Also, if مرتّب means organized or in order what's its opposite aside from غير مرتّب?

All dialects are welcome to answer.

Thank you!!
  • wriight

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    English (US) / Arabic (Lebanon)
    Lebanon (possible antonyms):
    كركب "to strew about", passive participle مكركَب
    خربط "to mix up", pp مخربَط
    كرفت "to knock down and scatter", pp مكرفَت

    ما تخربطهن would be appropriate for that example.


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    Tunisia Arabic
    In Tunisian Arabic: بلبزهم، دخّلهم بعضهم
    ما تبلبزهمش، ما تدخلهمش بعضهم
    غير مرتب= مبلبز، داخل بعضو


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    Arabic, PA and IA.
    In Palestinian Arabic I would use:
    مكركب when I'm referring to a disorganised space, such as a messy room for example.
    مخربط when something should be in a certain organisation and it's not - your example would work here.
    مبهدل when I'm referring to appearance, such as someone's choice of clothes for example.

    In Iraqi Arabic I would use مبهذل - مخربط - مبهذل respectively. Note that the daal in PA is a Thaal in IA. I have also heard مهربش when referring to appearance.


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    Najdi Arabic
    يعفس ī3afes
    يحوس īxūs
    يكركب ikarkeb

    حوسة xūseh and كركبة karkebeh are usable nouns.

    Example translation:
    الأوراق خلقة مرتبات أبجديًا... لا تحوسهن
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