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Pepper = Bżar (Again this is different from Arabic)

First of all, it's wonderful to have a Maltese speaker on the forum :). I can reply to two of your questions:


Pepper: In Morocco, "black pepper" is referred as ابزار/ibzaar. But I don't know its origin nor if it's used in Algeria and Tunisia.

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  • Can you please post it in latin letters? I don't understand the Arabic script.


    I translated it on a website and got this: flfl akḧl

    Correct? wouldn't it be flfl aswd since it's black?
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    I see. Yes the maltese word for black is "iswed", but "akhl" is similar to the Maltese word "ikhal" which is light blue.

    That's why I thought It was strange that he used "flfl akhl". I read it as "light blue pepper"!.
    Interesting! In Syria keHli كحلي means dark blue and black pepper is filul 'swad فلفل أسود.