All dialects: killjoy (party pooper, wet blanket)


Hello everyone!

Does anyone know and would kindly be willing to share any equivalents to a 'party-pooper', 'kill joy' or 'wet blanket" - i.e. someone who always turns fun into something serious or spoils the fun.

A similarly funny phrase is 'wet lettuce' :D meaning a person with little personality.

Any suggestions?

Many thanks.
  • cherine

    Arabic (Egypt).
    The only word I can think of now, for EA, is nekadi نكدي, but it doesn't strictly refer to "killing joy", it's more about someone who's usually morose, not fun, likes النَكَد… But I guess it can work as an equivalent.


    Thank you kindly to you both for your answers!

    What about the literal translations - مفسد الحفلة٫ خراب الحفلة٫ مفسد البهجة؟
    Are these used by anyone?

    What about using the words جو/فرفشة/ونسة؟

    Thank you again!

    P.S. I think we should introduce خس مبلل for wet lettuce ! ;)


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    Arabic - Syria
    In Syria:
    بينزع/بيخرب/بيعكر الجو
    بينزع البسط
    نكدي, مو بسط, مو مرح, مو فرفوش


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    Tunisia Arabic
    A near-equivalent in Tunisian would be
    كي(ف) الزير المتكّي، لا يضحّك لا يبكّي
    Like a reclining jar; he doesn't make you laugh, he doesn't make you cry.
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