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  1. saira92 Senior Member


    Does this phrase occur/exist or is there a phrase like this in Arabic?

    Reduce someone to tears

    to cause a person to cry through insults, frustration, and belittling.

    For example
    He scolded her so much that she was reduced to tears by the end of the meeting.

  2. ayed

    ayed Senior Member

    We usually say
    حتى بكت
  3. yields Member

    Rabat, Morocco
    Arabic - Morocco
    Can someone correct me, I am not sure if this one can be used : أَجْهَشَه بالبكاء - أَجْهَشَه بكاءً But if it can, then it fits perfectly.
  4. Xence Senior Member

    Algeria (Arabic - French)
    Algerian: bakkaah / bakkaaha ​(past tense, 3rd person)

    حتى بكّاه / بكّاها
  5. Schem

    Schem Senior Member

    Najdi Arabic
    Similarly, in Guisseemi Arabic:

    لَما صيّحُه / صيّحَه
    Lama ṣayya7uh / ṣayya7ah
  6. Cead Cascade Senior Member

    Personally, I never heard of this before. I know that they say أجهش بالبكاء and أجهش باكيا . However, you can work your way around it by saying دفعه (إلى) للإجهاش بالبكاء.

    As for the example provided by TC, لين خلاها تبكي "lain khallaha tebky" or "lain bak-kaahaa" (Hijaazi).
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