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Tunisia Arabic
The parson's nose (also called the pope's nose) is "the fatty extreme end portion of the tail of a fowl when cooked." or chicken butt.
In Tunisian Arabic, we call this زمنكة (zmunka), [whether the fowl is cooked or not]
On the net, I found that Egyptians call it زلموكة (zalmuka), which may point to a common origin.

What term, if any, do you use in your respective dialects?

In classical Arabic, the closest I could find was زمكي as defined in Lisaan
والــزَّمِكَّــى والزَّمِجَّى: أَصل ذَنَب الطائر، وقيل: هو منبته، وقيل: هو ذنبه كله، يمدّ ويقصر. وقال الليث: سمي الذَّنَبُ نفسه إذا قُصّ زِمِكّــى.
  • I am not sure what people call this. I maybe would just call it دنب (danab). زمك (zmikk) means short in Syria but I am not sure if this related at all.