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Hi all,

How do you say pompous in your dialect? As in: "that guy in the horn-rimmed glasses who kept name-dropping was rather pompous."
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    Najdi Arabic
    For the provided context, مهايطي emhāytti works best. Other words and constructions generally used:

    مغرور maghrūr
    متكبر emtekabber
    به نعفة buh en3afeh
    شايف نفسه/روحه shāyfen nafsuh/rūxuh


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    French, Tunisian Arabic
    In Tunisian Arabic

    يحسب روحه فرنك و نص literally "he thinks himself he is a Franc and half (old French currency Franc)"


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    Thanks for your helpful responses!

    Palestinian: شايف حالو، متكبّر، متعالي
    شايف حالو can be used without an adjective following it (as in شايف حاله شاطر or something like that)? Not second guessing you, just asking.


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    French (France) / Arabic (Morocco)
    In Moroccan Arabic

    حاس براسه (7aas b raasu) = He is feeling himself.

    تسحاب راسه شي حاجة (tes7aab raasu shi 7aja) = He thinks of himself something.
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