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Hi all,

What expressions could be used in the various dialects of Arabic to translate the English phrase 'to beat oneself up over'?

WordReference suggests

(يشعر بالذنب)


(يشعر بالسوأ)

in MSA, and provides this example sentence:

'It was just an honest mistake, so you shouldn't beat yourself up about it.'

My tentative start on a translation into Lebanese:

(هيدي الشغلة ما كانت غير غلطة بريأة, فما في داعي إنّك ----.)

Thanks in advance.
  • momai

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    يعني غلطة ومو بقصدك بقا مو محرزة توجع راسك فيّا


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    (يشعر بالسوأ)
    It's spelt بالسوء
    (هيدي الشغلة ما كانت غير غلطة بريأة, فما في داعي إنّك ----.)
    and this one's spelt بريئة ;) .

    As for the expression, I frankly can't think of an idiom that fits in all contexts. I would imagine that what would be said would be either more generic (مثلا: ما تعملش من الحبة قبة) or more literal (خلص تعتلش هم ما حدش رح يعتب عليك) - this is in Palestinian Arabic but the same pretty much applies to Iraqi Arabic.
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