All dialects: to have a lot on one's plate


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Hi all--I'd like to know if there's an equivalent expression in Arabic dialects for the English idiom 'to have a lot on one's plate', i.e., 'to have a lot of things that need to be done'.

For example, a parent might say to their son or daughter in high school, college, or university:

'I know you have a lot on your plate these days, since you're working on final assignments and studying for end-of-semester exams. So, I won't ask you to help out around the house until May.'

Thanks in advance.
  • elroy

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    In Palestinian Arabic, I would say مش فاضي يحكّ راسه.

    بعرف إنك مش فاضي تحكّ راسك هالأكم يوم من كتر ما عندك دروس وامتحانات، وعشان هيك مش راح أطلب منّك تساعد بشغل البيت من هون لشهر خمسة


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    Arabic (Egypt)
    I would say :
    أنا مش فاضي/ة خالص /ورايا حاجات كتير/
    أنا مشغول/ة جدًا
    There is an Egyptian expression (I don't use it) and I don't know how familiar it is :
    ورايا حاجات مِتَلْتِلَة