All dialects: to take sides


How do you say "I'm not taking sides" in your dialect? As in: not being neutral, being partial to someone, to an entity, to an idea.
  • Mahaodeh

    Senior Member
    Arabic, PA and IA.
    I think the most common in Palestinian Arabic would be: أنا لا مع هاد ولا داك, the words هاد وداك referring to the persons, entities, or ideas in question. In Iraqi Arabic it's the same: آني لا ويا هاذ ولا ذاك.

    However, if it's two people or two groups of people disagreeing or arguing, then you could say in PA أنا مش رح أصفّ مع حدا = literally "I'm not going to stand in line with anyone". This word is also used in Iraqi Arabic in the same context.
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