All Dialects: Where does it hurt you?

Discussion in 'العربية (Arabic)' started by raful, Jul 6, 2017.

  1. raful Senior Member

    Hi there
    It's rather a not too sophisticated question, but how would you say "where does it hurt you?"
  2. elroy

    elroy Sharp-heeled Mod

    Chicago, IL
    US English/Palestinian Arabic bilingual
    Palestinian: وين بوجّعك؟
  3. barkoosh Senior Member

    Lebanese: وين عم يُوجَعك؟
  4. ahmedcowon Senior Member

    Egyptian: بيِوْجَعك فين؟
  5. Hemza

    Hemza Senior Member

    Paris, France
    French, Mor/Hijz Arabic (heritage)
    In Moroccan, I would say فين انجرحت؟ or فين مجروح/جريح؟

    My Egyptian friend also says تعورت فين؟ sometimes but I think it means "where have you been hurt?"
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  6. momai Senior Member

    Syrian: وين عم بيوجعك ؟
  7. oopqoo

    oopqoo Senior Member

    Hebrew - Israel
    that would be wen biwáj3ak, right?
    However I thought I have heard in PA the same as in the other Levantine dialects mentioned, where it's without the shadde - buj3ak. Like "rasi bujá3ni". Is that wrong? Should it be "rasi biwajé3ni?"?
  8. elroy

    elroy Sharp-heeled Mod

    Chicago, IL
    US English/Palestinian Arabic bilingual
    وين بوجّعك؟ - wēn biwajj3ak or bōj3ak
    راسي بوجّعني - rāsi biwajji3ni or buja3ni
  9. analeeh Senior Member

    English - UK
    I've also heard wajja3 in Syrian (not necessarily Damascene) in this meaning.

    It's reasonably common in Levantine for a form II verb (presumably originally causative, and still causative in some contexts) to take on the meaning of its form I equivalent. This seems to be particularly common actually with initially-weak verbs, possibly because form II initially-weak verbs are basically regular.
  10. cherine

    cherine Moderator

    Alexandria, Egypt
    Arabic (Egypt).
    Really? Do you really say that? I'm asking in earnest, because this sounds strange to me. To me, the more natural thing is to say إيه اللي بيوجعك as in: which part of your body is hurting, or: in which part part of your body are you feeling pain.
    But بيوجعك فين feels like there's a missing subject: إيه اللي بيوجع فين.
  11. raful Senior Member

    Thank you all
    Is there a difference in the meaning of the sentence if you use عم before بوجعك/بيوجعك?
  12. tounsi51 Senior Member

    TA وين توجع فيك
  13. Mahaodeh Senior Member

    Arabic and English
    Iraqi Arabic: وين يوجعك؟
  14. 3arbiChawi New Member

    Arabic, French
    Algerian Arabic : ouain ithork ? Thorni kirchi (where are you hurt ? I have belly pain
    I will use جريح only in case of someone bleeding.

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