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Hi all,

How would one express the English 'cheap shot/to take a cheap shot' in the various Arabic dialects? For what it's worth, WordReference gives "إهانة ليست في محلها" in MSA.

Let's use the example sentence provided in the site's dictionary:

'You took a cheap shot there, bringing up his past problems.'

Thanks in advance.
  • cherine

    Arabic (Egypt).
    I think the MSA expression used for this is ضربة تحت الحزام, which is borrowed from boxing (below the belt). It's also sometimes used in colloquial. I'm sure there are other ways to express this, but I need another context. :)


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    A 'cheap shot' to me is not quite the same as a blow below the belt - the former is more about you making an easy but unfair attack (or one not worthy of you), while the latter is just about making an unfair attack in general. But they are fairly close in meaning.
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