All dialects: You're a hundred times better than her!


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Hello! Say, your friend's boyfriend has just left her for another girl, and you tell your friend, "Cheer up! His loss, not yours. Really, I don't know what he sees in her. You're a hundred times better than her!" How would you say the last part please? I think I've heard انتي ضفرك برقبتها in Egyptian, but I don't know if this idiom is also used in other dialects. Thanks a lot!
  • In Palestinian Arabic, a literal translation would work: إنت ميت مرة أحسن منها!
    Thanks! Do you also use some particular idioms in this kind of context?

    You could say something like تسواها وتسوى طوايفها/أهلها, although it's not typically used for this type of situation.