all doors are open to him

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  1. Encolpius

    Encolpius Senior Member

    Praha (Prague)
    magyar (Hungarian)

    the English idiom "all doors are open to someone" means you have many choices, unlimited opportunities. Do you use that idiom, too? Thanks

    Hungarian: minden ajtó nyitva áll előtte [the same; minden all ajtó door nyitva áll be open előtt in front of]
  2. GMF1991 Senior Member

    Cork, Ireland
    English (UK, Suffolk)
  3. ancalimon Senior Member

    Yes the same in Turkish.

    Turkish: bütün kapılar açık (all doors are open)
  4. apmoy70

    apmoy70 Senior Member

    In Greek:

    «Οι πόρτες του/της είναι ορθάνοικτες/ορθάνοιχτες» [i 'portes tu (masc.) / tis (fem.) 'ine or'θaniktes / or'θanixtes (coll.)]
    "The doors are wide-open for him/her"

    Fem. noun «πόρτα» ['porta] --> Byzantine Gr. colloquial name of door < Lat. porta; its formal name is «θύρα» ['θira] (fem.) < Classical fem. noun «θύρα» tʰúră (PIE *dʰwer-, doorway, door, gate cf Lat. foris, Eng. door, Russ. дверь)

    Adj. «ορθάνοικτος, -κτη, -κτο» [or'θaniktos] (masc.), [or'θanikti] (fem.), [or'θanikto] (neut.) --> wide-open < Byz. Gr. adj. «ὀρθάνοικτος» orthánoiktos < compound, Classical prefix and adj. «ὀρθο-» ŏrtʰŏ- --> straight, upright, correct, genuine (PIE *werdʰ-/*wredʰ-, to grow cf Skt. ऊर्ध्व (urdhva), upright) + adj. «ἀνοικτός» ănœktós --> open, being opened < compound, prefix & preposition «ἀνὰ» anằ--> on, up, above, throughout (PIE *h₂en, cognate with Eng. on) + verb «οἴγνυμι» œgnumĭ --> to open (PIE *weik-/*weig-, to bend, wind, cognate with Skt. विष्टी (visti), changeable; Ger. wechsel; Lat vicis > It. vece, Sp. vez, Fr. fois, Eng. vicar/vicarious)
  5. jana.bo99

    jana.bo99 Senior Member

    Cro, Slo
    Sva vrata su otvorena za njega

    Vsa vrata so odprta za njega

    Alle Türen sind offen für ihn

    p.s. It sounds strange for me!
  6. Encolpius

    Encolpius Senior Member

    Praha (Prague)
    magyar (Hungarian)
    I think the German version is: jemandem stehen alle Türen offen
    (the same as in Hungarian; stehen > áll]
  7. arielipi Senior Member

    כל הדלתות פתוחות בפניו
    kol hadlatot ptukhot befanav
    all the doors are open to him

    העולם מונח\פרוש על כף ידו
    haolam munakh/parus al caf yado
    the world is open/spread on his hand.
  8. apmoy70

    apmoy70 Senior Member

    Thank you for reminding me a similar expression:
    «Ἐχει όλο τον κόσμο στα πόδια του/της» ['eçi 'olo toɳ 'gozmo sta 'poðʝa tu (masc.) / tis (fem.)]
    "S/he has the whole world under his/her feet"
  9. jana.bo99

    jana.bo99 Senior Member

    Cro, Slo
    Thank you.

    I think, all three are strange to me.
    We usually say it to the person, our gast, when he is leaving: All doors are open to you!
  10. ahmedcowon Senior Member


    كل الأبواب مفتوحة أمامه /kullu 'l-abwaabi maftouḥatun amãmahu/

    all the doors are open in front of him
  11. mataripis

    mataripis Senior Member

    In my Tagalog translation; it is " Tanggap siya ng lahat '.

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