All dressed up, and no one to blow.


Roger, a detective, arrives at a crime scene where a woman jumped out of a window. They have a witness there - a drunk prostitute. He tells them to take her statement and send her home.
PROSTITUTE: All right, thanks. I'm beat. You know how it is.
ROGER: Yeah, sure. All dressed up, and no one to blow.
PROSTITUTE: You're hilarious! [mumbling] I can't believe you damn cops!
Lethal Weapon, movie

Does he mean -- "being tired of having nobody to do a blow job to because everyone is with their pants/clothes on"? Thanks.
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    Yes, "blow" here means "perform oral sex on". The prostitute is "all dressed up" (in her case for her job, rather than for a night out), but is unable to go to work because she is waiting to talk to the police.
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