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Hi. I want to attend some amusement activity. The advertisement says "all events free with admission". I am very confused with it. Is there any difference between "all events free" and "all events free with admission"? what is the exact meaning of "with admission"? Thanks.
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    Many amusement parks charge an admission fee. In other words, one pays to enter the park or grounds. After that initial fee, all rides or events inside the park are free.


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    thank you. I got it.
    So, it is the opposite of some other activities, which charge a free admission and some fee for some events after that.

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    Some amusement parks charge a general admission fee, to the park as a whole. Once you are inside, there might be some things that you can do without paying an additional fee, but some activities do require an additional payment for participation. You can limit your enjoyment of the amusement park to the no-fee or "free" activities, or you can pay more for the really exciting stuff.

    The park whose advertising you have seen follows a different policy. It charges one admission fee to get in, and once you are in, no ride or other activity within the amusement park requires payment of anything more. So all events are free [of additional charges] with [payment of the general] admission [fee].

    You can presume that the general admission fee is higher than it would be for an amusement park with exactly the same rides and activities but extra charges for some individual activities.

    An amusement park might also have no general admission fee but charge individually for every separate ride or other activity you do there.
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